apertus° is a community-driven project dedicated to bringing open technologies to cinema and film production.


For over ten years our community has been quietly developing a variety of powerful and affordable tools designed to give users absolute and unparalleled control over their creative processes. All projects are strictly made free (in terms of liberty) around open source software and open hardware licenses with any and all related knowledge being made publicly available.


"Seriously, this is one of the coolest and most advanced open hardware projects I have ever seen." - Harris Kenny, Lulzbot / Aleph Objects Inc.

The responsibility to exercise total freedom by building better tools lies with all of us as individuals.


Our association and its wider community has been established so that taking this responsibility on, and thereby rising above the corporations who’ve put limitations on our ability to create freely, is made accessible to everyone.


"The most interesting aspect of the AXIOM cameras is that they have the potential to be the last camera you will ever need… they won't eventually become technologically obsolete like most cameras." - No Film School.


  • Catalog with things you can actually buy or get for free (in the near future) like AXIOM Beta, Remote, later Open Cine and Elmyra, etc.
  • Each aspect of each product in numbered tabs (tech specs, image sensors, modules (accessories?), features, videos, etc.) as second level hierarchy menu at the top that is only visible inside the products pages
  • “Applications” tab for highlighting this product being used by or for different industries (Beta as microscopy camera, beta fork for aerial mapping with near infrared spectrum, etc.)
  • answering “why should I buy this instead of any other camera?”
  • “add to cart” button with each item that is available already -> clicking takes you to the shop
  • link each shop product to its corresponding website product page and vice versa
  • separate information with this concept:
    • website: product information, specs, features, images, sample footage, videos, etc.
    • shop: warranty, lead time, shipping information, etc.